Cargo and freight

Svalbard’s unique and isolated location means that all cargo needs to be shipped either via air or by sea. Pole Position Logistics offer cargo solutions and coordination for airfreight, sea freight and field logistics on Spitsbergen.


cargo to and from svalbard

Our Longyearbyen cargo department can assist you with with any kind of freight inquiry. We offer the best airfreight solutions available to and from Spitsbergen/Svalbard when it comes to general cargo, fresh foods or Dangerous goods. Sea freight can also be arranged and coordinated by us.


Gathering volume reduces cost

Choosing to not care about logistics is a poor choice for all companies. Not planning your logistics may lead to increased expenses. By working together with the local businesses in gathering freight volume, we can force transporters to offer cheaper prices. Larger volumes equals cheaper shipments. For everyone.


SUpply chain management

We take care of your logistics so that you can focus on your primary business and make sure that your cargo is delivered when you need it. With our extensive network of transportation providers we make sure that you are always given the most competitive prices available. We provide you with a good overview even if your shipment will have to be sent via many different transporters. Our supply chain management is a cost-efficient way for your business success.