Ship Agency

Ship Agency

Sailing in the high north is demanding and well-functioning logistics is key for any successful activity. With over 12 years of experience we now serve over 200 ship calls on Svalbard each year. With our local expertise we can assist all kinds of marine vessels visiting Svalbard. Whether it’s fishing trawlers or bulk carriers, research vessels or survey vessels, tankers or icebreakers, cruise ships, expedition ships or yachts.

With our wide network of contacts and our own freight department we can arrange both local and global supplies to converge with any vessel visiting Longyearbyen.

A close relationship with many of the local tour operators let us tailor your passenger’s visit . Transportation, accommodation and experiences can all be arranged through us.

Our Services

With an international team consisting of 6 different nationalities we can provide services in English, Russian, Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian.

  • Berth reservation and pilotage preparation
  • Booking trips, transports and shore excursions for passengers
  • Crew change including invitation letters and ok-to-board
  • Arranging medical appointments or medical supplies
  • Provisions
  • Frozen, refrigerated and dry storage facilities
  • Bunkers
  • Coordinating Stevedores and luggage services
  • Polar Bear security and refreshment courses on shooting range

All eyes on the North

Adventure tourism is bigger than ever before and people are looking for, in many regards, cooler places to travel. Growing together with this is the smallest segment of cruise traffic, the Expedition cruises. Over 20 new Expedition ships are being launched in the next five years. With new harbor plans and years of experience working together with Expedition cruise operators makes Longyearbyen the perfect home port when cruising the high north.

As the Northern Sea Route opens up so does new opportunities in the Arctic. With it’s great strategic location and developed infrastructure, Longyearbyen is the perfect hub for a base of operations or as a pit-stop when sailing through the “Polar Silk Road”.

Arctic relationships

AECO, or the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators is an organization that strives for sustainable and safe tourism in the Arctic. Their main area of operation is above 60ºN and includes Svalbard, Jan Mayen, Greenland, Arctic Canada and the Russian Arctic. In the fall of 2018, Iceland is also included in AECO’s operational area. Pole Position is an affliate member of AECO.

Together with Visit Svalbard, Port of Longyearbyen and other local contributors, Pole Position is part of the Svalbard Cruise Network. The  primary objective in our network is to spark an interest in Longyearbyen and the pristine Isfjord area for international cruise operators. Offering tourist information and shore excursions from next to the pier, Svalbard Cruise Network is the best way to experience Longyearbyen on a short visit.