Pole Position Logistics

The real Arctic hub

Pole Position Logistics was established in 2005 with the goal of being the ONE point of contact for companies with logistics needs in the Arctic. With our vast experience as ship agents in Svalbard (78˚N) we offer a wide range of services to the ships sailing in the North. This be research ships, tankers, cruise ships, fishing vessels, seismic, icebreakers, bulk carriers and so on.

Annually we handle nearly 200 ship calls where each call have major logistic needs. Well functioning logistics is crucial for successful activities in the extreme north. Local expertise, arctic experience, wide networks assembled to provide oversight and control are key factors.

Whether you are sending ships, aircraft or people to the north. Arranging cargo or the distrubution and storing of goods. Are in need of back office functions or need a project partner. We offer supreme planning and coordination tailored to your needs.

In everything we do we aim to be the one channel you need to get your projects to function. Whether we produce the support ourselves – or use our network of external expertise to complement. This means that in our culture we are committed partnership, trust and robust networks. All in one transparent system for you.

We have a different global perspective. The expected view of the world is with the equator in the center. And in such a perspective the Arctic seems to be at the unreachable far end of the world. But if you put the North Pole in the center and draw a circle around the “the Arctic cake” you will see Longyearbyen’s great strategic location for activities in the far north. An arctic capital at 78ºN.

Longyearbyens well-developed infrastructure makes it unique in the arctic. Within walking distance you can find 900 hotel beds, several restaurants, research institutes, universities, advanced SAR functions, international airport with daily flights direct to a European capital, ISPS port facilities, energy production, well-developed fiber / broadband / mobile networks, hospitals, police, fire department, government representation, schools, nurseries and kindergarden, local authority, the world’s largest ground station for satellites, 100 years industrial and mining history, 100 years of tourism history, outstanding natural wilderness – not to mention a dynamic, competent and assertive population with considerable international experience.

Longyearbyen is the perfect hub for any activity in the Arctic region.